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Motivation and Employees

26 Haziran 2024 Genel Edit

Flexible working, pandemic, remote working have begun to change working life. Has the changing working life with developing technology started to make people unhappy instead of happy? Reed More…
How To Prepare Your Resume? (Article 2)

15 Ağustos 2017 Yazılar Edit

I want to share with you the second part of my writing after a long time. I wrote the cover letter in my previous article. I want to tell you how to prepare your resume (main section) in this article. Reed More…
How To Prepare Your Resume? (Article 1)

30 Ocak 2017Genel Edit

Yes, it’s a very classic topic. Maybe you will tell. Where did it come from when there were many topics, like rising targets, integrated human resources issues, management of skillsa and human resources strategies. Reed More…
Don’t Fly To Fee! You Gravel!

23 Ekim 2016 Genel Edit

Some are looking for work, some have just graduated, some do not like the job, now you place into a package what you think. Let’s look at the other side. I can not find staff, candidates can not develop itself, anyone lives empty, nobody knows foreign languages, university is not enough to find work. This is other side of the coin. Reed More…