I want to share with you the second part of my writing after a long time. I wrote the cover letter in my previous article. I want to tell you how to prepare your resume (main section) in this article.

  • Resume (Main Section)

The section where all of our information is located is the main section. We will put our information into a form in this section. We write our information in this section by adhering to a form. In fact, we all know and care about this part.

The most curious question for this section is “What should be in the resume, what should be written and in what order should this information be written?”

I want to answer this question to make it more memorable. Your resume should be like the flow of life. In other words, all information should start from birth and should be written in order.

Information that should be included in the curriculum vitae;

a) Personal Information

Human is born first and has personal knowledge with this birth. Such as name, date of birth, place of birth, residence. Personal information is first written on the resume. This section should definitely have the following.

Name, surname, place of residence, place of birth, date of birth, communication information, military status (for men).

Other information is extra. Such as driving license, blood group…

b) School Information

People begin to school after personal information first. This process, which started with pre-school education in primary education, extends to doctorate or lecturer.

Your curriculum vitae should have the school knowledge of the last two graduates. You must write the top graduated last school knowledge.

c) Experience Information

People enter work after school. Naturally, we write experience information in the third place. The experience can be social, political, foundation, academic, professional or semi-professional.

The latest experience must be at the top. Older experiences should be written in order from newest to oldest. In this section we should pay attention to the following. Start and end dates, full name of the place where the experience is obtained, full disclosure of the position worked, name of the city where the experience is obtained. It is even useful to add a brief introduction about the company that is working.

d) Competency Information

Human have a lot of competence with social life, school life and work life. For this reason, the fourth section that needs to be on the resume is the competency information section. The point to note in this section is the level of competence. Foreign language knowledge and information on computer programs must be written in this section together with their level.

e) Training and Certification Information

People develop themselves by participating in activities such as various training, conferences, panels, certificate programs. For this reason, it is necessary to include these programs in the resume together with the date of participation, the duration and the program name. All informaion should be written from newest to oldest.

Special driving license and exam information should also be added to this division.

f) Project Information

All project and business sense information should be included in this section. If possible, it is useful to add it as a file extension.

g) Reference and Reference Articles

The last part of the curriculum vitae needs to added reference articles. If it is not possible, the communication information of the persons should be added  who can give you information about you, professional, academic and social.

“Will be given later” such as sentences should not be added.

You can add a lot to your resume with a professional writing section tells you. Do not hesitate to change the design of your resume and add new things.

I gave many resume examples in my previous post. You can access these posts from the link below.


We will continue writing later about this topic. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can contact me.

Ahmet Koşkan

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