Flexible working, pandemic, remote working have begun to change working life. Has the changing working life with developing technology started to make people unhappy instead of happy? Expectations over the last 10 years showed that the happiness and motivation index would increase.  But guess what? It didn’t happen. According to a recent study, over 80% of employees worldwide are “not satisfied with their job”.

Isn’t that a surprising result?


In fact, technology was supposed to make the world’s working life easier. But technology has not made people more comfortable than we thought. It may have been the opposite. In fact, technology seems to have added extra burdens. Because many technological devices that were not in our lives 20 years ago have now become a part of our business and social lives. And we need time for these. We will not be able to get back the time we spend on technology because it is disappearing from our lives. When this is the case, people have become drowning in technology. What do you think happened in the end? First, people became dissatisfied with their social lives and then with their jobs.

We started to see another result supporting this in our own surveys. I would like to explain this a little bit for your understanding. We conduct “Loyalty and Motivation” surveys in our professional lives. In these surveys, we create 5 (five) different employee profiles. I would like to share these groups with you to make them more understandable.


The last group, the exhausted ones, are extremely valuable to us. In short, they are people who say they don’t want to be here anymore within an organization. In the last 5 years, the percentage of people in this group has increased by more than 100%. This shows us that employees are increasingly moving away from their workplaces.

In addition to generation conflicts, the instantaneous world view (I call this “people living with notifications”) and changing human behaviors have unfortunately created a multiplier effect on this.

In my opinion, this wound will continue to deepen. Because in recent years, the reason why people change jobs frequently supports this. Employees are transferred to a new workplace almost every 2 years. As they do, they tend to look for a job again after 6 months.

Okay, so what is the solution?

I will not use very long sentences in this article. I just want to touch on the headings. In my opinion, we need to develop in two areas.

1- The management style and workplace opportunities of workplaces should be increased.

2- Human resources systems based on individuals should be established by moving away from standardization trends.

Of course, all the remaining topics can be subheadings or main headings. But everyone should know that all employees and companies are currently being tested with motivation. Where there is no motivation, there will be no happiness and profit. Where there is no profit, first the employee, then the company and then the country’s economy will be negatively affected.

If you have any questions, you can contact me.

Ahmet Koşkan






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